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We offer commercial planning, planting, and maintenance services and can help bring your outdoor space to life!

A set of containers welcomes visitors at entrances, and on a patio or terrace they can add ambiance, scents, and color. 
How can restaurants create a green space on their properties?
  • Include foliage, flowers, herbs on railings, hanging baskets or in large containers on patios.
  • Plant annual and seasonal flowers throughout spring, summer and fall to add color, beautify a space.
  • Grow fresh herbs and vegetables to use in the kitchen, and include edible plants in patio spaces and containers.
  • Add privacy and create an atmosphere separating customers from traffic as they dine. Block streets or parking lots and offer a beautiful view for guests to enjoy as they dine..

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Real Estate Agents, Home Sellers, Property Owners

Are you trying to sell a property?

A well cared for landscape and flowers can make a wonderful first impression, and increase the value of a home!
  • First impressions: When a buyer visits a home for the first time, the first thing they see is the landscape, gardens, lawn and trees.
  • Add curb appeal: Attracts buyers and help make a sale. 
  • Clean it up: A few simple changes can make a huge difference! Trimming trees and shrubs, removing invasive plants and adding flowers can make a property look entirely and feel different.
  • Move in ready: Prospective buyers can envision themselves in a home & enjoying its outdoors without putting in a large amount of effort when they move in.


We work with landscapers and landscape companies to help them meet the needs of their clients. We can help design seasonal annual containers for residential and commercial clients, advise on what plants would work best for a specific space, arrange plants in planters or plant them, and even shop for your plants. All you need to do is pick up the plants and deliver them to the client’s location.

Let’s work together!

“I greatly enjoyed working with Jane. She was personable, good with my 5 year old who likes to talk, and she taught me about my specific garden plants and helped manage the neglected bushes. She helped plan for the upcoming year and her designs met all of my preferences.”

Colleen Grimm

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