Services & Rates

Gardening Services

Coaching: We will work with you in your garden, offering assistance, tips and coach you on how you can get the most out of our outdoor space. Clients can learn from experienced gardeners and apply the skills they learned for years to come. We can show you how to transplant, prune, plant and offer advice on regular upkeep. 

Annual Flower & Vegetable Planting:  Add color to your garden, support pollinators and create a gorgeous garden. Containers, borders, patios or porches can transform with the addition of annual flowers. Large perennial beds can also include a variety of annuals & tropical plants to enjoy throughout the summer. 

Gardening: Even a master gardener can use a helping hand throughout the year. We can help you care for and maintain your garden season to season. We can help you divide and transplant perennials, clean out beds in the spring and cover beds in the winter. 

Consultations: We can help you make a plan for the season, answer questions and give feedback on your specific garden area, and work out a plan to bring your dream garden to life.

Fees & Hourly Rates

In person gardening and consultations will be billed at $50 Per Hour.

Virtual Consultations will be at $35 per hour.

Invoicing & Payment: Invoices are delivered via email and or text and are due upon receipt. All invoices have a 15 day grace period before a reminder will be sent out.

We accept Checks, Cash and Online Payments.

Late Fees: After 30 days of nonpayment, all invoices will be billed a $10 late fee, for each 30 day period.

Location MilesFee
Lakeview 41$25
Highland Park 27$16
Beach Park 61$37
Des Plaines13$8
Barrington 41$25
Arlington Heights 14$6
Deerfield 21$13
Buffalo Grove23$16
Norridge 31$14
Oak Park 55$33

Travel Fee will be billed based on distance traveled to each location. Clients will be charged for travel outside Northfield Township. IL. Beyond that radius ($.85/mile) will be charged per appointment.

We do our best to plan visits for multiple clients in the same area, on the same day and limit travel costs for everyone. One of the reasons we encourage our clients to book appointments early in the season, is to help us plan visits based on needs and adjust to fit everyones times, and budget.

Delivery Fees: An additional fee of $25 will be added for all plant deliveries.

Pay Per Visit: You can pay for services after each visit including plants, travel and labor. A min $25 deposit will be required for all visits. An estimate will be provided for plants, supplies, plant shopping & delivery.

Personal Shopping : You can pay for personal shopping services that include us shopping with you, or for you. Personal Shopping will be billed at $35 per hour.

Deposits are required for all clients. Those who wish to reserve services for weekly and monthly, or seasonal visits will need to schedule services in the spring, and pay an estimated 10% of services + travel deposit to reserve their spot.

Bookings: All appointments are booked 2 weeks in advance. We operate on a first come first serve basis. Once we are booked for the season, a wait list will be available for openings. Text and email confirmations are sent 24 hours prior to your gardening visit.

Seniors will receive a 15% discount on all gardening services.

Package Plans

Seasonal Gardening Packages

A 5% discount will be applied towards gardening services when you book 4 or more visits.

Need help maintaining your garden?

Looking for a way for your garden to get watered while you are out of town? We can water your annuals, and or perennial areas on a daily or weekly basis. Ask about our discounted watering service for those days you need help watering.

Refer a Friend

Get a $10 credit for future services and give $10 when you refer a client!

Heads Up

Gardeners can reschedule appointments when temperatures go above 85 degrees and below 45 degrees. During inclement weather, appointments will be decided on an individual basis. All appointments can be canceled or postponed during storms or in areas where lightning is present. For safety reasons, all visits will be canceled if there is lightning in your area.

Sorry, we are not a landscaping company!

We do not provide lawn services, tree and shrub care, and cannot plant large shrubs or trees. We are not currently able to do large installations of plants, but are happy to refer you to outside companies and partners who are able to provide services you are specifically looking for.

We Are Pet Friendly

If you have pets, please notify us of any special instructions as it pertains to your pets safety and needs while we work.

We always have treats, and are happy to fill up the water bowl.

Please let us know if you have any special accommodations for your pets in your outdoor areas, including gates, doors, or electric fencing that we should be mindful of while working on your property.

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