Services & Fees


We can help you create the garden of your dreams!

Garden Coaching

We will work with you in your garden, offering assistance in solving problems, tips and coach you on how you can get the most out of our outdoor space.

We can show you how to transplant, prune, plant and offer advice on regular upkeep.

We can advise you on where to source and how to install large trees, or refer you to our partners for tree health and care.

Clients can learn from experienced gardeners and apply the skills they learned for years to come.

Vegetable Gardening

Fees based on size of garden, containers, and consultation length.

Custom designed 2D – 3 season gardening plan based on your diet including: number of plants, planting areas, plant varieties, growing instructions & tips.

Vegetable garden planting and upkeep including additional planting for late season crops, weeding, integrated pest management and general garden support.

Vegetable garden clean up & harvest assistance.

Vegetable garden consultations can include sourcing, general planning and assistance with building of raised beds.

Seasonal Flower Planting

Add summer color to your perennial garden beds.

Create a cut flower garden.

Create a pollinator garden.

Add seasonal color with containers near your door, entryway and windows.

General Garden Consultations

Fees based on the size of your garden, needs and time spent on consultation.

Answer questions and give feedback on your specific garden area.

Help you source materials and offer options for you to create new garden areas.

All consultations include a PDF featuring garden plans, plants and tips.



We operate on a first come first serve basis.

All appointments are booked 2- 3 weeks in advance. We encourage clients to contact us early in the season to reserve services.  Once we are booked for the season, a wait list will be available for openings.

Confirmation email/text are sent after a deposit is paid.

Text and email confirmations are sent 24 hours prior to your gardening visit.

During inclement weather, appointments will be decided on an individual basis.Gardeners can reschedule appointments when temperatures go above 85 degrees and below 45 degrees. All appointments can be canceled or postponed during storms or in areas where lightning is present. 


All virtual consultations, design assistance and planning are billed at $50 per hour.

All in person garden coaching and planting sessions with lead gardeners will be billed at $70 per hour.

Garden assistants are billed at $40 per hour.

Travel fees are $.80 per mile.

Personal garden shopping sessions are billed at $50 per hour.

A $25 plant delivery fee will be added per delivery.

All in person appointments will require a $25 deposit.


15% Senior Citizen Discount

10% Discount on gardening service deposits when you book 4+ sessions.

$10 Credit for you and your friend when they gardening book services.

15% Discount January – February virtual consultations and vegetable garden plans.

Sorry, we are not a landscaping company!

We do not provide lawn services, tree and shrub care, and cannot plant large shrubs or trees, but we are happy to refer you to one of our partners.

white and gray wooden house near grass field and trees
airport bolt bright danger

For the safety of our staff, we can cancel in person gardening sessions if there is lighting reported in the area, flooding, or during times of extreme heat.

We Are Pet Friendly

We always have treats, and are happy to fill up the water bowl.

If you have pets, please notify us of any special instructions as it pertains to your pets safety and needs while we work.

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