Earth First Gardens don’t just look beautiful, they also have a positive impact on the planet.

Gardens can play a critical role in decreasing our carbon foot print, and help to restore our local environments.

Helping the Environment 

Heal the Earth

Help heal the earth from years of damage and neglect. Through soil regeneration, native planting, and conservation people can have a significant impact on their local environment by helping the earth repair itself, and restoring natural areas. Healthy soil works against global warming, having a cooling effect on the planet.

Increase Local Food Production

Growing your own food not only provides healthy and fresh food for your family but also is helping to reduce the amount of food that has to be imported, and grown with harmful chemicals. You can eat food and help heal the planet.

Decrease Flooding & Watershed

Low maintenance rain gardens can include drought-tolerant and easy to maintain plants that are found in our local area. These plants often require less water, no fertilization and can help keep weeds out of areas, while helping build healthy soil, to create a place for water to go, versus flooding homes, streets and other areas.

Support Local Wildlife

From toads to local pollinators, each insect and animal plays a critical role in our environment. We want to help you create natural habitats where local wildlife can flourish, and protect them for generations to come.

Urban Gardens

Urban gardens can provide sanctuary from busy city life, bring neighbors together, increase the safety and overall value of a neighborhood. Most importantly, gardens create a cooling effect in hot, concrete-filled cities working directly against global warming.

Supporting Pollinators

We work with clients to create environmentally friendly containers and gardens that support and attract hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators. 

Our Local Impact

When we work with our clients, one of our main objectives is to increase their understanding, knowledge, connection and awareness of the environment. We believe that through these efforts, we can increase community involvement and help stop global warming.

  • Decrease flooding, watershed, and erosion of properties.
  • Decrease amounts of invasive species & educate property owners about invasive species.
  • Increase the number of local native plants.
  • Increase habitats and natural areas available for animals, birds, and pollinators.

Native Planting

We believe healthy gardens, and environments start with healthy soil! Beyond providing a healthy home for our flowers, trees, and vegetables to grow, healthy soil can have a cooling effect, working against global warming, and helping to reduce erosion and flooding!

It’s all about the soil!

Healthy gardens start with healthy soil! Beyond providing a home for our flowers, trees, and vegetables to grow, healthy soil can have a cooling effect, working against global warming, and helping to reduce flooding on your property!

Organic Gardening

We practice organic gardening methods and assist people in practicing gardening techniques that are good for the environment by avoiding chemical treatments and integrating pest management systems.

Do you want to have a positive impact on the environment and connect with nature?  

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