Improve your quality of life, and help the environment!

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

We work with residents across the Chicagoland area to them help bring their garden visions to life, revitalize soil, support biodiversity, and grow food.

Earth First Gardening was built on the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors, connect with nature and have a positive impact on the environment! Our clients range from first time gardeners and master gardeners, and we understand that everyone has their own specific needs and wants when it comes to their outdoor space.

We don’t just plant flowers. We help people bring their dream gardens come to life, and improve their quality of life!

Many of our clients have large gardens that they have worked on for years, and need an extra hand from time to time, so that they can enjoy their garden, and not be overwhelmed by the work it takes to maintain it. Having a little help can go along way, and make your garden look better year round, while allowing you time to enjoy it.

Are you tired of working on your garden with no end in sight or planting things and watching them die?

We can work with you to identify the plants that would work best for your space or can help you shop for your plants! We can help you shop for new plants or purchase plants for you based on your needs and wants, and deliver them to your home!

We customize all of our service to fit our clients needs.

“Best experience! Five stars hands down!”

Carm Ricchio

Northbrook Garden

Glenview Garden

Sensory and Hummingbird Garden

Beach Park

Edible Garden & Wildlife Sanctuary

Buffalo Grove Garden

‘Purple Garden’

Wheeling Garden

Lake View Garden

“Plant knowledge of both garden center plants and native plants has really improved my garden. I’m sure her advice about plants and her garden knowledge has made my garden better, healthier and probably saved me money in the long run.”

Steve Smock

River Woods

Woodland areas can be tricky but with the right plants, in the right place, they can thrive and create a gorgeous natural area.

Lincolnshire Garden

Northbrook Garden

Deerfield Garden

“Very easy to work with and a great value. Much better than the big companys.”

Eleanor Blustein

Ready to create your dream garden?

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