Seasonal container gardens​ can be created on porches, patios, rooftops and placed in front of homes or businesses for you to enjoy throughout the entire year.

Container gardens can allow you to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, grow food, herbs and fruit or simply enjoy the beauty of nature and add curb appeal to your outdoor space.

What our clients say…

“My property looks so refreshing every summer. My whole surroundings bloom in my favorite color. My flowerpots are always spectacular! I love changing them seasonally, and for the holidays. I start with a spring planting, then summer flowers, fall pots can be beautiful all winter long, and they can be spruced up for each of the holidays. Earth First is really great at design and execution. I never thought I’d get excited about flowerpots, but I do. I highly recommend this company.”

Debi Moore

Buffalo Grove, IL

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